Task Logo for an oil and gas sector company.


The oil and gas industry is a key business area related to the extraction and processing of natural resources, associated with high reliability, stability and prestige. We decided to reflect these values in the new logo.

Логотип для компании нефтегазового сектора, Уралгазремонт

We took the letters from the abbreviation of the company and combined them into a monolithic structure, which symbolizes reliability and unity. The addition of a flame image in the logo emphasizes the company's direct connection with the oil and gas industry, and also symbolizes energy and dynamism.

1 (1).jpg

At the same time, the corporate colors familiar to customers have been preserved, which helps to maintain brand awareness and its connection with a long history of successful activity in this industry. Thus, the logo of the company Uralgazremont is not only a symbol of stability and prestige, but also reflects its strong connection with the oil and gas industry.

Flag Mockup.jpg