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Krasnyj panczyr smm

To lose cannot be multiplied! How often do some "SMM specialists" put a comma in the wrong place with their actions. After all, working with an already successful project is always = responsibility x two. In such a case, it is important not only to continue to arouse the interest of subscribers, but also to fill it with new emotions. And as a consequence — actions.

СММ Раковарна

There are many such cases in the piggy bank of our agency! But I want to tell you about a specific one. One of the leaders in the delivery of seafood to Ufa — the Red Shell bakery — entrusted us with the management of social networks. The task is not new: grow a base of followers and their conversion into action. But here the mega important thing was the fact that the company's accounts already had a wide and quite active audience.


At the start, the main thing is always to qualitatively evaluate the "before". And think over such a strategy so that "after" — it was WOW! And, you know, we are succeeding. On the cover there is a dense, but not intrusive content plan, daily stories, reels. In the filling — hours of brainstorming, copywriting, filming, editing. Everyone seems to be happy!

I am glad that a partner with a sense of humor — what we do not embody! With this approach, you can always afford a little more. Our shooting is like a separate comedy series — rocket, bomb, firecracker! And the result is always a spark! By the way, we trust only ourselves to work on the project — ideas, scripts, filming, editing, images, texts. After all, we are sure that we have the best specialists!

In general, the refresh was a success — the client is satisfied. But we still have so many ideas, we are working further!