Task Brand development for a healthy natural drink


Arkhangelsk Jams is a manufacturer of unique natural drinks. One of the company's developments is a honey drink with an amazing set of useful properties. For this drink, we have developed a full-fledged brand, positioning, unique name, logo and corporate identity. The key idea of this product is natural energy and a useful alternative to energy drinks.

Бренд платформа для Шмеллера

The name of the drink, "Schmeller" is absolutely unique, resembling a surname and talking about the natural origin of the drink. In addition to the name and logo, a character was developed for the brand — an active and friendly bear cub, a real merry fellow and a well-known honey lover. It is present on labels and advertising communications.

 Футболка и банка Шмеллер
Крышка от бутылки Шмеллер

The design also uses branded identity elements — floral ornament. The signature color is bright yellow, traditionally associated with honey. For the drink "Schmeller" we have developed branded packaging, design of printing materials, as well as a complete guide to working with the brand.

Бутылки Шмеллер
Брендплатформа Шмеллер