Task Logo and corporate identity for the clinic, which is not scary to come to


What should be the style of the clinic, which is not scary to come to? The logo in the form of a traditional cross filled with symbols of various spheres of human life conveys the idea of a holistic approach to the health of patients. These elements may include images such as smiling faces, plant leaves, hearts, puzzles, and other symbols that are associated with different aspects of life and well-being.

Паттерн Гинмед

For the text elements of the logo, we used a clear and easy-to-read font to ensure clarity and accessibility of information.


Smooth and soft lines, as well as oval and round shapes in the logo design create a sense of harmony and peace, which is important for the clinic, which strives to make visiting a pleasant and safe experience.

Гайдлайн клиники Гинмед

As a result, the logo design, made in bright colors and symbolizing various aspects of life, creates a feeling of warmth, friendliness and wholeness in patients. This can help the clinic attract more patients and create a positive first impression.

Бэйдж для Гинмед
Гайдлайн для клиники