Company website Task Designing a stylish logo for a production studio


Designing a new logo for Showin, a company specializing in organizing events and shows, was an exciting and creative process. Our main goal was to transform the existing logo, making it stylish, bright and versatile, while maintaining its recognition and identity.


We started by developing various concepts and ideas that would reflect the essence of the Showin brand. We were looking for ways to integrate elements related to events and shows into the logo design.


We created several variants of the logo and carried out a series of iterations, taking into account the comments and wishes of the customer. We also experimented with the color palette and fonts to find the optimal combination.


One of the key features of the new logo was the dynamic central letter, which gave the brand energy and movement. This letter could be used as an independent element of identity and complement the overall style of the logo.


Before the final design choice, we tested the logo in various contexts to make sure it looks good on different surfaces and in different sizes.


The result of our work was a new logo, which not only transformed the appearance of the Showing brand, but also gave it a more integral and monumental character. This logo was designed taking into account the unique needs of the company and has become a vivid symbol of its activities, able to attract the attention and be remembered by the target audience.