SHOWIN landing page Task An updated version of the image landing page developed by us for SHOW IN Moscow

"SHOWIN 2.0"

Time does not stand still, and sooner or later any product needs to be updated in order to meet new trends in design, technology and user interaction. A few years ago we developed a landing page for the company SHOW IN Moscow and now it's time for the second version of this project.

Лендинг SHOWIN

We have kept the general style of the landing page and the key elements of the identity – branded circles. But interface elements such as icons, text blocks and active elements have been completely redesigned, which gave the design a modern and stylish look.

1 (6).png
2 (5).png

The style of the page still conveys the spirit of the company - the desire to create atmospheric events at the highest level.

3 (6).png

The updated image landing page has become a powerful tool for promoting the SHOW IN Moscow brand, attracting the attention of customers and emphasizing the modern vision of the company.

5 (5).png

We have provided the landing page with an adaptive design so that it is displayed correctly on various devices, including smartphones and tablets.

4 (6).png