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Science, art and even sports. That's what many people say about marketing. The task came to us to develop a brand for the agency of "eco-friendly" marketing, one of the main values of which is respect for the values of the company and the desire to preserve the best by introducing innovations. We managed to develop a modern, technological, but at the same time friendly and bright brand — Filippov Marketing.

While working on the brand, we decided to change the original name of the client and make it simpler, but no less understandable. As a result, Ilya Filippov's Marketing Agency was transformed into Filippov Marketing. The new name has retained its original essence, but has become more modern and vibrant.

Логотип Филиппов Маркетинг
Филиппов Маркетинг

Inspired by environmental friendliness and nature, we created a logo in the form of the letter "F", made in the form of branches of a growing tree. The segments of the logo symbolize the joint growth of the agency and the client with whom the company works. The result is a symbol that perfectly reflects the ideas of environmental friendliness and the essence of marketing — the desire for growth.

Брендбук Филиппов Маркетинг
Брендплатформа Филиппов Маркетинг Логотип  Филиппов Маркетинг

We have developed a full—fledged brand platform - the foundation on which the company's positioning is based. The basic values of the brand, the target audience and a detailed guide to working with the logo and corporate identity.

 Фирменный цвет Филиппов Маркетинг