Company website Task Advertising campaign for the launch of the first Georgian street food in Ufa


Opening a restaurant or cafe is a very complicated and costly process. The choice of premises, the selection of personnel and the purchase of equipment are only a small part of the huge list of tasks that a restaurateur must perform for a successful start. But all this will not make sense if there are no guests in the institution. The owners of cafe Nino&The cats turned to us so that we could help tell the residents of the city about the new place and ensure the successful start of the project. With a small budget, we were able to create a high demand for the product and attract several thousand live subscribers to the instagram account.

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Even with a small budget, you can show an excellent result. Of course, provided that the promoted product is of high quality and in demand, and the owner of the company is ready to stimulate sales with attractive special offers.

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Due to the high audience engagement and the word of mouth effect, we have achieved high organic coverage with minimal stimulation.

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Interesting content, high-quality product and competent promotion made it possible to gain 2,000 live subscribers in a few weeks without cheating and massfollowing.

Do you want to know exactly how we achieved this result – read the article dedicated to this project.

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