Company website Task Development of an online store for the sale of high-tech equipment


MyForti is a new brand engaged in the sale and integration of cybersecurity equipment from Fortnet. Our task was to create a portal that could compete with the existing online stores on the market. In order to implement the owners' idea, we had to create a website that would be more convenient, more technologically advanced and more beautiful than the competitors.

Developing an online store interface we were guided by the principle of the most understandable and convenient design. This means that each user must intuitively understand how to find the product he needs and make a purchase. To do this, when developing the design, we systematized graphic elements and created visual anchors that help the user navigate the space of the web page.

Мобильная версия интернет-магазин Myforti

As in all our projects, we pay special attention to the design of the mobile version of the site. Our task is to create an environment in which it is convenient to be even with the help of a small smartphone or tablet screen. The site adapts perfectly to any screen resolution and retains full functionality and navigation comfort.